Sheriff’s News

The Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Office assumed operations of E-911 about three weeks ago. All employees that worked for the county have gone through the formal hiring process to be employed by the Sheriff’s Office. This included a new application, orientation, and polygraph. Now all employees that work at E-911 are sworn communication officers employed by the Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Office. We have just received the new remote mikes and headsets that will could down on background noise and make the radio transmissions easier to understand. It will also allow the officer to leave the console and still conduct business. We are awaiting the quote on a querry server that will allow GCIC to be utilized from each console. This will be a plus for the officers stopping vehicles. By the time they get stopped, they will be reiveing information on the vehicle they just stopped. This will increase officer safety and awareness on the roads while on patrol. Lt. Col. Jimmy Nolan will be the new diretor of E-911 for the Sheriff and Lt. Anny Young will be the TAC Officer and and assistant director. Training will continue until all personnel will be doing the job the same way and everyone is proficient and professional. We won’t slow down until E-911 is a highly professional and dedicated team that will be serving the citizens of Ben Hill County in a manner they can be proud of. It is already more organized and more proficient than ever. E-911 is the life-line for law enforcement, medical personnel, and firemen, as well as citizens needing assistance. It has to be right to meet our needs.

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